Hi again!

So yesterday I had an audition for Universal Music and I was, as probably most people are when doing an audition, really nervous. I have social anxiety which only made my nervousness way worse than what it usually is and it made me feel like I wasn’t able to breathe almost at all, but i tried to put my focus on something else than the audition, which worked for a couple of minutes before I went back to not being able breathe again.

It was so scary standing in front of the “jury” and preforming. I have done a couple of auditions before, one when I was applying for the school that I’m going to and one for a musical, so this one wasn’t as scary as them as I’m more used to doing auditions now. Since I have become more used to audition for stuff, it is making me have less anxiety for each time, and even though I might do something awkward or screw up a part of the song or something else, I don’t regret doing it.

One thing that I was proud of doing during this audition was that I was able to be myself a bit more and be a little bit more comfortable in my performance and in my singing and as I said before, even though it was scary and made me nervous, I don’t regret doing it and if I ever got the opportunity to do this again I would.