Hello again!

We have this test here in Sweden which everyone has to do and every year there is a theme. The theme that they have chosen this year has to do with fairy tales.

This theme reminded my of my passion for fictional writing and of my love for fairy tales, both the ones that the brothers Grimm put in their book and Disneys version of them and the newer versions of the fairy tales and the characters. So, of course, I read a lot about the brothers and how they changed the stories to be more suitable for children and I read a lot about the origins of the storys, at least what the booklet we got said was the origin of them.

With this theme I decided to start watching, one of my favourite shows again, Once Upon a Time. This time, unlike the others, I actually decided to finish the series, well at least all the episodes that has been released here in Sweden. Once I started watching it again I realized how much I’ve missed fairy tales and all the adaptions of them and the way you can escape from the real world.

The Once Upon a Time logo

This theme also gave me more inspiration to continue writing on a fictional story that i started to write in August.

That’s all for now.