So, I haven’t written on here in such a long time, almost a month ago since the last post I think. It feels a bit strange having a blog sometimes, because it feels like you have to update it a lot and I’m not used to that. I wish that I knew what to put here, because you know, you want to kinda share your life and what’s going on and at the same time you don’t want to share too much and there’s probably my problem, that I want to share too much.

It’s a new year and I hope you, who are reading this, had a wonderful Christmas, or just a wonderful holiday if you don’t celebrate Christmas, and that you’ve had a great start of the new year. 🙂

This year I’m going to try and post more, even though I’m not that good at writing or coming up with something to write about, unlike my friend Altea who is so much better at updating her blog and writing(you should totally check out her blog; , her posts are pretty good). There might be more posts this week.

Bye for now