Today was the first day back in school after the holidays and it was actually pretty okay. I got to see my friends again and catch up with them and just talk about random stuff, which was pretty fun 🙂 I also ended up getting a new schedule, that was not as fun, they had moved my vocal lesson to Monday mornings but I talked to my teacher and got it changed back again, so yay! 🙂 Some other things that happened was that one of our teachers was sick, so yay for no lesson, but since no one in my class had checked the site where it says which teachers are sick the entire class waited outside the classroom for 15 minutes before leaving, and that was probably not fun for the students that could have slept in a little longer. We also had music theory, I actually like this subject and think it’s interesting to know music terms and about how music is sort of structured, but today the lesson was boring, mostly because I was super tired.



Some other stuff that happened today was when I got home I asked someone if they wanted to listen to me play the piano(I’ve never actually done that before, so it was a bit scary) and they didn’t answer.

I’ve been talking to someone and gotten pretty close to this person, close enough for me to dare to open up about my feelings a little, but every time I do it I feel like I’m scaring this person away (I wish they would open up a little more too). I decided to tell them a little bit about how I’ve been feeling this last week, but knowing this person it would probably take hours sometimes even days before they answer and that makes me a bit sad. I also know that I have very strong feelings for this person, probably why I get a bit sad when it takes forever to get an answer, and I honestly don’t know what will happen between us since I’m to scared to admit to this person how I feel about them, I probably will eventually but not today.

I hope you all had a good day and if you didn’t there is always tomorrow

Bye for now