Hi, I’m back! As you may have noticed I haven’t posted in over a month and this is an update to sort of explain why. This is probably going to be a short post.

This month has been a really busy month for me. There’s been a lot in school and in my personal life.

In school we have had loads of assignments that had a deadline in February or March, so I’ve been working on those a lot. We had a really big assignment where you could pretty much do whatever you liked, if you study music or some other art programme, and I chose to write a short story and everything didn’t go according to my plan so I had to spend almost the entire month working on that and had almost no time for anything else.

Other than school assignments I have been meeting with nurse at school a lot to get help with something and I’ve had other meetings and trying to get things done to help with my health. I have done some fun stuff too, like going to the movies with one of my friends to see Deadpool and I’ve been to a Sci-Fi convention in Malmö and it was awesome, there was a cosplay contest and a sort of Q&A with John Rhys-Davies, who plays Gimli in Lord of the Rings (if you want to see some pictures you can go to my friend Altea’s blog Teatimes🙂 ) It’s almost graduation too and prom so I’ve been looking for dresses to these events.

So, I’ve been quite stressed and haven’t really had the motivation to blog anything. I will probably start blogging a bit more again, like tomorrow there might be some sort of Lush haul and I’ll maybe write about some other bath products I like if I have time.