I had been thinking about Star Wars the entire day, mostly because it’s Star Wars Day (May 4th) and just because the movies are freaking awesome!

I saw that the daily prompt was hope and since my mind had been somewhere up in space all day (maybe on the Millennium Falcon chillin’ with Chewie or in the Dagobah system training to become the greatest Jedi the world has ever seen) the words A New Hope popped up in my mind, very conveniently since it is the first Star Wars movie ever made and it’s, like I said before, Star Wars Day.

Star Wars is one of my absolute favourite movie franchises, maybe even my favourite. If you ask my friends they could probably tell you that I talk about it all the time everyday. I recently bought a Star Wars shirt and without knowing what day it was today I wore the shirt and a Death Star necklace (which I wear everyday). So, I guess my subconscious knew it was Star Wars Day all along and planned the outfit accordingly 😱  .

A New Hope is my favourite movie out of all of the 7 movies because it’s just so awesome! Since I’ve been a bit stressed lately and there has been a lot of negativity around me I thought I should watch the Star Wars movies again since they make me happy. I’m gonna go and do that now  and talk to you soon! 🙂 .

Bye and “May the Fourth be with you!”