Hello fellow humans!

Since it’s soon summer and time for lots of festivals I decided to do a summer and festival inspired lookbook. I just realised as I was putting my looks together that pretty much all of my clothes are from H&M’s “H&M ❤ Coachella” collection, well I liked a lot of stuff from there and it was pretty cheap and cool. This is my first lookbook, so bear with my since it’s probably going to be a bit awkward.

Summer Casual


I’m so bad and awkward at posing

I decided to call the first look “Summer Casual” since, well, it’s very casual and since summer’s here in Sweden can be very cool, and sometimes rainy, I choose to pair this top from H&M (which I absolutely love ❤ ) with my favorite pair of jeans from Topshop and my black converse. I figured you could wear this outfit pretty much anywhere, unless it’s too hot outside then you might have to wear some shorts instead. The hat and the sunglasses is pretty much in every outfit and they are my favourite thing about pretty much all the outfits <3.

Festival look 1


Me pretending that I can fly :3

I had no idea what to call this look and the next one, so they are just going to be called festival 1 and 2. In this look I wore a tank top and a pair of a shorts and a kimono, all of the clothes are still from H&M :P, and the shoes are from a brand called sixtyseven, I think. I really liked this look and thinks it works if you’re going to a festival and again since it can be cold here in Sweden I added the kimono in case it gets cold, otherwise you can wear it without it.

Festival look 2


Look at the elephants!!

I loved this dress! ❤ Even though I’m not used to wearing short dresses or skirts. (yes I forgot to wear sunglasses 😛 ) I loved the elephants on the dress and I bought another one of these dresses and it had loads more elephants on it!

Summer Date

Again with the awkward posing!
So windy!
Dancing :3


For this look I went for a bit more flirty and kinda girly clothes and again stepped out a bit of my comfort zone. I ended up loving this look and it became one of my favourites out of all five looks i put together. The top and skirt are from H&M and the shoes are from Vagabond. And again I loved this look so much! :3



To be honest it’s hard to come up with names for the different outfits! In this look, which is also the last one :'(, I wore a maxi dress from H&M and the same kimono from the second look. I remember walking in to a H&M store and seeing this dress and thinking “This is so not me, but I got to have it” and so I bought it and am pretty happy that I did 🙂

I had a lot of fun doing this lookbook, although it felt pretty awkward when we were taking the photos, all of the photos were shot by my friend Altea and she is posting a lookbook today as well over on her blog Teatimes 🙂 and we also have a YouTube channel together, if you want to check it out.

Hope you liked the post and want to see more posts like this in the future cuz I’m gonna continue posting lookbooks whenever I feel like it and have looks I’m proud of and like 😛