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I have no idea who to talk to about this so I’m just going to write about it here. 

Today I woke up to the news that my grandpa had a stroke and to be honest I don’t really know how to exactly comprehend it. 

I want to keep this blog a bit upbeat, but it’s difficult when your grandpa is in and out from the hospital pretty much all the time latley. My anxiety isn’t making anything better either. 

I’m going to end this post by saying thank you to those who have stuck with me for a year of inconsistent blogging and welcome to my new followers ❤ 



Hello, I have social anxiety 


I’m the worst at keeping my blog updated and sorry for that. 

The reason for this blog post is to explain a bit of why I’m so bad at updating my blog and other social media (the keyword in this post is social)

I have social anxiety. 

I am pretty open about this with my friends since the majority of them understands how I’m feeling, yet I’m crap at keeping in touch with them. 

I hate having anxiety. It is stopping from doing the things I want, like going to school, send an email and even getting new friends (both irl and online). 

I think way too much about what other people might think of me, even though I know that it’s most likely not true. This just hurts me more than helps me and it becomes really hard to focus on anything besides what I’m thinking. 

I don’t know what else to write about this. I just want to let you guys know that if you have social anxeity, or any other mental illness, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it. And if you don’t have anyone to talk with you can always talk to me ❤


Hi, I’m back!

I’m going to try and sort of reboot my blog and start posting more about books and life, well just start to post more often. 

This is only going to be a short post, but expect another post soon. 


A New Hope

I had been thinking about Star Wars the entire day, mostly because it’s Star Wars Day (May 4th) and just because the movies are freaking awesome!

I saw that the daily prompt was hope and since my mind had been somewhere up in space all day (maybe on the Millennium Falcon chillin’ with Chewie or in the Dagobah system training to become the greatest Jedi the world has ever seen) the words A New Hope popped up in my mind, very conveniently since it is the first Star Wars movie ever made and it’s, like I said before, Star Wars Day.

Star Wars is one of my absolute favourite movie franchises, maybe even my favourite. If you ask my friends they could probably tell you that I talk about it all the time everyday. I recently bought a Star Wars shirt and without knowing what day it was today I wore the shirt and a Death Star necklace (which I wear everyday). So, I guess my subconscious knew it was Star Wars Day all along and planned the outfit accordingly 😱  .

A New Hope is my favourite movie out of all of the 7 movies because it’s just so awesome! Since I’ve been a bit stressed lately and there has been a lot of negativity around me I thought I should watch the Star Wars movies again since they make me happy. I’m gonna go and do that now  and talk to you soon! 🙂 .

Bye and “May the Fourth be with you!”




I saw that the daily prompt was music and since music means so much to me I thought I should try and write a little about what it means to me.

Music has always meant a lot to me, even so much that I’m studying it at school right now. When I chose to study music I did it both because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go through school without it and because I wanted to work and learn as much as I could about music.

I play the piano and sing and I have done it almost all my life. Sometimes when I am stressed or anxious I sit down by my piano at home and play. It calms me down every time, even if I have played the song a thousand times and it’s a bit overplayed. Singing also helps me calm down, but never in the same way that playing the piano does. That’s why piano music will always be my favorite to listen to and to play.

Music has always been a way for me to relax and help me think and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. It doesn’t matter if it’s rock or pop or classical music, it still helps me stay calm, especially when I’m anxious and have a lot of anxiety.

I have no idea how to end this post, so I guess bye for now, or something.


The Daily Prompt – Music

Update on Where I Have Been 

Hi, I’m back! As you may have noticed I haven’t posted in over a month and this is an update to sort of explain why. This is probably going to be a short post.

This month has been a really busy month for me. There’s been a lot in school and in my personal life.

In school we have had loads of assignments that had a deadline in February or March, so I’ve been working on those a lot. We had a really big assignment where you could pretty much do whatever you liked, if you study music or some other art programme, and I chose to write a short story and everything didn’t go according to my plan so I had to spend almost the entire month working on that and had almost no time for anything else.

Other than school assignments I have been meeting with nurse at school a lot to get help with something and I’ve had other meetings and trying to get things done to help with my health. I have done some fun stuff too, like going to the movies with one of my friends to see Deadpool and I’ve been to a Sci-Fi convention in Malmö and it was awesome, there was a cosplay contest and a sort of Q&A with John Rhys-Davies, who plays Gimli in Lord of the Rings (if you want to see some pictures you can go to my friend Altea’s blog Teatimes🙂 ) It’s almost graduation too and prom so I’ve been looking for dresses to these events.

So, I’ve been quite stressed and haven’t really had the motivation to blog anything. I will probably start blogging a bit more again, like tomorrow there might be some sort of Lush haul and I’ll maybe write about some other bath products I like if I have time.



This is an update on the post: In Love?

So, I told him that I’m in love with him. The respons I got from him was that he basically isn’t in love with me, but he has said before when I told him that I liked him more than as a friend that he also liked me.

And a couple of days after all of this happened he sent me 💕 at the end of a message and now I’m confused. Because he calls me friend and amigo and yet he sends hearts. Personally I only send hearts to family members, to really close friends or if I am talking about something I love, i.e a book or film.

Do any of you have any ideas on what he could mean by this? (I know that I could ask him, but I want to include you guys too 🙂 )

Bye for now


I’m in love with someone and I have sort of told him several times. Not like saying the words directly but saying it like “I really like you” and “I like you more than as a friend”. Although I’ve said this it still doesn’t feel like I’ve actually said what I want him to know. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m also a bit scared to say the words because when I’ve said it before I’ve only ended up getting hurt. So, if you have any advice please tell me them if you want. 🙂


Back to School Again and Other Stuff

Today was the first day back in school after the holidays and it was actually pretty okay. I got to see my friends again and catch up with them and just talk about random stuff, which was pretty fun 🙂 I also ended up getting a new schedule, that was not as fun, they had moved my vocal lesson to Monday mornings but I talked to my teacher and got it changed back again, so yay! 🙂 Some other things that happened was that one of our teachers was sick, so yay for no lesson, but since no one in my class had checked the site where it says which teachers are sick the entire class waited outside the classroom for 15 minutes before leaving, and that was probably not fun for the students that could have slept in a little longer. We also had music theory, I actually like this subject and think it’s interesting to know music terms and about how music is sort of structured, but today the lesson was boring, mostly because I was super tired.



Some other stuff that happened today was when I got home I asked someone if they wanted to listen to me play the piano(I’ve never actually done that before, so it was a bit scary) and they didn’t answer.

I’ve been talking to someone and gotten pretty close to this person, close enough for me to dare to open up about my feelings a little, but every time I do it I feel like I’m scaring this person away (I wish they would open up a little more too). I decided to tell them a little bit about how I’ve been feeling this last week, but knowing this person it would probably take hours sometimes even days before they answer and that makes me a bit sad. I also know that I have very strong feelings for this person, probably why I get a bit sad when it takes forever to get an answer, and I honestly don’t know what will happen between us since I’m to scared to admit to this person how I feel about them, I probably will eventually but not today.

I hope you all had a good day and if you didn’t there is always tomorrow

Bye for now


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